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Calcium acetate is a calcium salt of acetic acid with a mass of 158.17 g/mol and a formula of Ca(C2H3O2)2. The acetate of lime is the common name often used to denote it. Calcium is a vital mineral that is necessary for many cellular processes, such as the transmission of nerve impulses, the contraction of muscles, the beating of the heart, the development of bones, and the permeability of capillaries and cell membranes. Patients with kidney illness who have hyperphosphatemia (high phosphate in the blood) are treated with calcium acetate by taking it orally, both to prevent or treat calcium shortage. Additionally, it has the E number E263 and is used as a buffer, stabilizer, and food additive. Simple steps like soaking calcium carbonate in vinegar can be used to create calcium acetate. Calcium acetate typically comes in two forms: anhydrous and hydrated. Anhydrous calcium acetate is a more refined form of the compound, while hydrated calcium acetate is less refined but still useful for many applications.

Calcium acetate is very useful in various applications. WBCIL is one of the leading producers, suppliers, exporters, retailers, and stockists of calcium acetate. In many sectors throughout India, WBCIL is the calcium acetate supplier that provides chemicals and chemical compounds for various purposes. By providing top-notch chemical products at rates that are competitive with the market, we are dedicated to satisfying our customers.

Usage of Calcium acetate in various industry

  • Candy and confections, pie fillings, beverages, some cheeses, snack foods, sweet sauces, baked goods, and many other products have calcium acetate.
  • Calcium acetate is utilized as a texturizing, thickening, and firming agent.
  • Certain bacteria are treated with calcium acetate to inhibit their growth.
  • Shelf life is increased by calcium acetate.
  • As a fragrance ingredient, calcium acetate is utilized in personal care and health products.
  • During food preparation, calcium acetate is applied as a buffer to maintain the pH of the product.
  • The agriculture and poultry industry uses calcium acetate. Calcium acetate monohydrate is used as a calcium supplement in pet meals.
  • When salts escape from food packing material, calcium acetate is utilized as a stabilizer.
  • In the pharmaceutical business, calcium acetate is employed to lower blood phosphate levels in renal disease by binding to phosphate.


In conclusion, the API pharmaceutical companies in India are expected to experience significant growth over the forecast period because of the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases and rising demand for generic drugs. WBCIL, being one of the calcium acetate manufacturers in India, tries its best to provide the customer with quality products and fulfill their needs in various industries.

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