An evaluation of ferric derisomaltose as a treatment for anemia

Introduction: Originally approved in Europe in 2009, ferric derisomaltose is the most recently authorized intravenous iron compound in the United States of America (2020). Ferric derisomaltose given as a rapid high-dose infusion can allow complete iron repletion in a single dose and it is now widely used in the treatment of iron deficiency. Areas covered: The chemistry, pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of ferric derisomaltose are reviewed. Results from phase II, III and IV trials regarding efficacy and safety are presented. Mechanisms behind minor infusion reactions, hypersensitivity and hypophosphatemia are discussed. The economic impact of ferric derisomaltose use is presented. Data pertaining to the use of ferric derisomaltose in iron deficiency anemia, chronic kidney disease, inflammatory bowel disease, chronic heart failure, perioperative care and other patient groups are comprehensively covered. Expert opinion: Ferric derisomaltose is an effective intravenous iron formulation with a good safety profile, providing rapid, cost-effective iron repletion. Ferric derisomaltose releases low quantities of labile iron relative to older compounds. Anaphylaxis is extremely rare, and ‘Fishbane’ reactions are uncommon. Hypophosphatemia following ferric derisomaltose administration is infrequent in comparison to other intravenous irons such as ferric carboxymaltose. The scope of ferric derisomaltose use is growing with increasing research in these areas.

PMID: 33317356 DOI: 10.1080/17474086.2021.1858406

Xenophon Kassianides 1, Richard Bodington 1, Sunil Bhandari 1

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