KLEANKOVID is a combination of peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide both known for their high virucidal and biocidal capabilities and provide a synergistic effect which on application eradicates bacteria, viruses, sporicidal pathogens and manifests sustained anti-viral action over applied surface areas of residential, commercial, industrial and public surrounding and leaves no residue.An effective sterilant with minimum side effects and is non carcinogenic in nature unlike frequently available disinfectants, KLEANKOVID is user friendly as can be applied through spraying, liquid form as well as mopping.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Broad Spectrum Terminal Disinfectant
  • Can be used as a spray and liquid
  • Leaves no harmful residue, unlike chlorine-based disinfectant
  • No health hazards
  • Multi-disciplinary application as, bactericide, fungicide, virucide, sporicide, etc.
  • Non-corrosive nature
  • Cost effective flexible dosage form
  • Mild vinegar like essence initially unlike strong chlorine smell of hypochlorite which persists for much longer period

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Attributes UOM Typical Value
Form - Clear liquid
Appearance - Colorless
Odour - Mild Vinegar
Specific Gravity (20 deg. C) - 0.95 – 1.2
Peracetic Acid w/w 5%
Hydrogen Peroxide w/w QS
Inert matter (Solvent and Stabilizers) w/w QS

Anti-microbial properties

It has been proved effective on almost all the bacteria and viruses considered to a biologically indicator of Coronavirus like
  • Staphylococcus aureus
  • Salmonella sp
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Acinetobacter baumannii
  • Hepatitis A and B
It also successfully removes many micro-organisms which other disinfectant like chlorine based disinfectant cant
  • Spores
  • Cysts
  • Protozoa
  • Also kills microorganisms on presence of organic matter

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  • Critical surface areas of Hospitals, Hotels, Offices Spaces, Schools, Malls, and Production Areas in industries such as Pharmacy, laundry, Poultry, Dairy, Beverage and Food Industry
  • Pavements, Corridors, Floors or to be precise, every nook and corner of any public, private or commercial establishments
  • Disinfection of Pavements, Floors, Railway Platforms, Corridors, Airplanes, Airports and other Infection prone areas like Dip tray and racks for shoes ofany entity.

Usage & Application Recommendation

Sanitation by Fogging Method – 
  • Dilution Ratio = 1:30 (KleanKovid 1 part : Water 30 part) Eg: 1ltr of KleanKovid to be mixed with 30lts of water 30 ml of KleanKovid to be mixed with 1 lt of water Coverage 1000 cu ft per liter of diluted solution to be fogged and allowed a minimum contact time of 5 mins
Sanitation by Mopping/Spraying Method – 
  • Eg: 1ltr of KleanKovid to be mixed with 99lts of water 10 ml of KleanKovid to be mixed with 1 lt of water Coverage 1000 sq ft per liter of diluted solution to be fogged and allowed a minimum contact time of 5 mins
  • Post Application – Rinsing after disinfection may not be required as the product leaves behind CO2, Oxygen and Water after application
Application Recommendation – 
  • Fogging for high level of disinfection for both air and surface
  • Mopping for regular disinfection for surface (both ground and walls)


KleanKovid is available in 1L/8L/25L


KleanKovid should be stored in original containers in cool dry place, away from heat, direct sunlight and alkalis. Store in cool and dry place. Shelf life 1 Year when stored properly. After opening use within 60 days Please refer label and SDS for details

Safety and health hazards

Unlike chlorine-based disinfectant peracetic acid has no health hazards. As mentioned, it decomposes to naturally occurring compounds like water C02 and 02 when used in the suggested concentrations will have no harmful effects on anyone who comes in contact with it. It has also received approval from United States Food and Drugs Association to be applied on food for sanitization, which shows the level of safety this particular product contains. No risk of chlorine poisoning.

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Peracetic Acid is a highly biocidal oxidizer that maintains its efficacy in the presence of organic load. Peracetic Acid removes surface contaminations and function by denaturing proteins, disrupting cell wall permeability and oxidizing sulfhydryl and sulfur bonds in proteins, enzymes and other metabolites.
Peracetic Acid is more potent than Chlorine dioxide and Sodium hypochlorite. It is known that oxidizing capacity is the most important factor for destroying microorganisms. Owing to higher eV value, Peracetic Acid possess higher oxidation potential which ensures faster destruction of microbial cell wall.
Disinfectant eV (electron volts)
Ozone 2.08
Peracetic Acid 1.81
Chlorine Dioxide 1.57
Sodium Hypochlorite 1.36
It is proved to be more effective against Geobacillus stearothermophilus considered to be the biological indicator of Coronavirus. Fogging of 0.05% - 0.15% of peracetic acid ensures more than 5-log reduction (99.999%) of the said microorganism in just 5 minutes much faster than its counterparts like sodium hypochlorite. KleanKovid also provides Hydrogen Peroxide which itself has a high oxidizing capability and gives a synergetic effect with Peracetic Acid which makes KleanKovid the best disinfectant available in the market.

How does it work

The efficacy of peracetic acid is based on the unspecific oxidation of organic matter. It quickly inactivates all kinds of microorganisms without any activity gaps or reduced areas of efficiency. Peracetic acid shows no surfactant error (soap error) and counteracts microorganism adaption due to its unspecific mode of action. Another advantage of peracetic acid is its biodegradability. It simply decomposes into acetic acid and oxygen, avoiding unnecessary environmental pollution and residual disinfectant on treated surfaces.

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