Calcium Lactate Gluconate

Calcium Lactate Gluconate

Calcium lactate gluconate (CLG) is a calcium lactate and calcium gluconate solution. It is mostly used in pharmaceuticals as a source of pharmaceutical calcium that has high bioavailability. It combines high solubility and neutral taste, which can be put in many food products.
Calcium lactate gluconate is an odourless, tasteless, crystalline, and non-toxic white powder with excellent physiological compatibility. It has been scientifically proven that calcium lactate gluconate can help to increase bone mineral density more than other calcium salts, especially if put in foods and beverages. Due to its extreme solubility (20-40%), it can be used in clear beverages and concentrated or instant foods, as well as for food processing at lower temperatures and in-line blending.

Calcium Lactate Gluconate Manufacturer and Supplier

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Molecular Formula : C9H16CaO10

Molecular Weight : 324.295 gm/mol

CAS No : 1116-97-5

Shelf Life : 36 months

Storage Condition : Keep Well Closed, protected against light, dry, and at room temperature.

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Additional Info :

Features : Odorless, tasteless, crystalline white, free-flowing powder.

Identification : Shall pass the test.

The appearance of 10% w/v solution in water : Clear to nearly clear and colourless to nearly colourless.

Solubility in water : 22g/100ml

Loss on Drying : Max. 10.0% w/w

pH (10% solution) : 5.00 : 7.50

Acidity : NMT 0.45% as lactic acid

Sulphate : NMT 500 ppm

Iron : NMT 50 ppm

Arsenic : NMT 1 ppm

Lead : NMT 5 ppm

Heavy metals : NMT 10 ppm

Volatile fatty acids : Should be absent.

Sucrose & Reducing sugar : Complies with the test.

Magnesium and alkali metals : NMT 0.5 %

Calcium Content (as is basis) : 11.0% : 13.0%

Particle Size (Passing through 80 mesh) : NLT 90% w/w

Bulk Density :0.30 g/cc-0.65 g/cc

Total Viable Aerobic Count : NMT 1000 cfu/g

Total Yeast & Mould : NMT 100 cfu/g

E. coli : Absent/gm.

Salmonella : Absent/10gm.

Drug Uses: Calcium Lactate Gluconate is mostly used in pharmaceuticals as a source of pharmaceutical calcium that has high bioavailability.

It helps to increase bone mineral density better than other calcium salts.It can help to treat patients with Calcium Deficiency, Osteomalacia, Osteoporosis, and Rickets as Calcium supplementation.

Another use of Calcium Lactate Gluconate is that it helps to neutralize HF (hydrofluoric acid) poisoning.

Food: Calcium Lactate Gluconate is commonly used in food and beverage products due to its high solubility and neutral taste. It can be found in many food products, including baby food, fruit preparations, sweets and desserts, ice cream, dairy and dairy alternatives, meat alternatives, and plant-based products. It can also be used in beverages like carbonated soft drinks, syrups, juice drinks, flavoured water, energy drinks, etc.

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