Calcium Propionate

Calcium Propionate is used in multiple industries like food, veterinary, agrochemicals, cosmetics, etc. It is an organic salt that helps to preserv baked foods by stopping the growth & reproduction of microorganisms like molds, fungi, and bacteria.

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Molecular Formula – C6H10O4Ca

Molecular Weight – 186.22 gm/mol

CAS No – 4075-81-4

Shelf Life – 36 months

HSN Code – 

Packing Size – 

Storage Condition – Keep Well Closed, protected against light, dry and at room temperature

Additional Info – 

1. Description White free flowing powder, hygroscopic.
2. Solubility Soluble in water with faint opalescence.
3. Identification Positive for Calcium.
4. Loss on Drying (at 105°C till constant weight) NMT 5.0% w/w
5. pH (of a 10% w/v suspension) 6.00 – 9.00
6. Arsenic NMT 3.0 ppm
7. Heavy Metals (as Lead) NMT 10.0 ppm
8. Assay (as Calcium) (On Dried Basis) 20.4% w/w – 22.6% w/w
Category Description
Veterinary It is used as supplement which are mainly for veterinary purposes.
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