Ferrous Glycine Sulphate

Brown free flowing powdBrown free flowing powder with occasional friable with occasional friable lumps.

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Chemical Formula – Fe(NH22COOH)SO>4

Molecular Weight – 226.97 g/mol

Internal Code No. – FGSNL24 

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1. Description Brown free flowing powder with occasional friable lumps.
2. Solubility Slowly soluble in water.
3. Identification Positive for Iron, Glycine and Sulphates.
4. pH (of  1% aqueous  solution) 3.00 – 4.50.
5. Water (By KF Method) NMT  4.0% w/w.
6. Arsenic NMT 3.0 ppm.
7. Heavy Metals (as Lead) NMT 10.0 ppm.
8. Cadmium NMT 10.0 ppm.
9. Iron (as Ferrous)(On As Is Basis) NLT  24.0% w/w.
10. Nitrogen Content (On Anhydrous Basis) 5.90% – 6.50% w/w.
Category Description
Pharmaceutical Drug Drug related product or related to manufacturing of drugs.
(Modified for Veterinary, animal & pets, if indicated)
Randomized trial comparing ferric carboxymaltose vs oral ferrous glycine sulphate for postoperative anaemia after total knee arthroplasty

Abstract Background: Despite preoperative anaemia treatment, a risk of postoperative anaemia remains. This randomized, controlled study evaluated the efficacy of i.v. ferric carboxymaltose (FCM) as postoperative anaemia treatment after total knee arthroplasty (TKA). Methods: TKA patients with postoperative anaemia [haemoglobin...

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