Magnesium Gluconate

Magnesium Gluconate is partially soluble in water and is widely accepted by the pharma industry to use in drugs for treating low magnesium levels in blood. The mineral is also added to supplementary products.

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Molecular Formula –  C12H26MgO16

Molecular Weight –  450.629 gm/mol

CAS No –  59625-89-7

Shelf Life –  36 months

1. Description Off-white powder.
2. Solubility Partially soluble in water.
3. Identification Positive for Magnesium & Glycine.
4. pH of 1% w/v suspension 7.50 – 10.50
5. Loss on Drying (at 105°C till constant weight) NMT 5.0% w/w.
6. Arsenic NMT 3 ppm.
7. Heavy Metals (as Lead) NMT 10 ppm.
8. Magnesium Content (On Dried Basis) NLT 22.0% w/w.
Category Description
Drug Magnesium Gluconate is used in drugs to treat low magnesium levels in blood.
Supplements It is added to supplementary food products.
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