Manganese Glycine Sulphate

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Chemical Formula – Mn(NH2CH2COOH)SO4

Molecular Weight – 226.07gm/mol

Internal Code No. – MGS2124

Internal Code No – MGS2124

Pharmacopoeial/Non-Pharmacopoeial Reference – IHS

1. Description Light pink free flowing powder.
2. Solubility Soluble in water.
3. Identification Positive for Manganese, Glycine and Sulphates.
4. pH 1% Aqueous Solution 5.25 – 6.50
5. Arsenic NMT 15 ppm
6. Heavy Metals NMT 50 ppm
7. Cadmium NMT 10 ppm
8. Loss On Drying (at 105°C till constant weight) NMT  7.00% w/w
9. Manganese Content (On Dried Basis) 21.5% w/w- 24.2%  w/w
10. Nitrogen Content  (On Dried Basis) 5.45%w/w – 6.00% w/w
11. Untapped Density NLT 0.6 gm/cc
12. Tapped Density NLT 0.8 gm/cc
13. Compressibility Index (%) NMT 25%
14. Angle of Repose NMT 50˚
Category Description
Buffering Agent It is used as a buffering agent.

Magnesium Glycine Sulphate is used as a nutritional infusion in Aureomycin & for injection solution of amino acids.

Feed Additives It acts as an inductor in animal feeds for enhancing nutritional value.
Food Additives It uses as a sweetner and flavouring agent.
Intermediate It has huge applications as a intermediate form of raw material for Thiamphenicol and Glyphosate.
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