Treatment of iron deficiency anemia with liposomal iron in inflammatory bowel disease: efficacy and impact on quality of life


Background Anemia is a clinical condition frequently seen in patients with inflammatory bowel disease, which is responsible for a significant loss of quality of life. Objective To assess the efficacy and safety of using oral liposomal iron to treat iron deficiency anemia in inflammatory bowel disease patients, as well as assess the impact of this treatment on psychometric scores. Methods Patients with inactive/mildly active inflammatory bowel disease were screened for anemia in this interventional pilot study conducted from November 2016 to March 2018. Patients with mild anemia were treated with oral liposomal iron for 8 weeks. Main outcome measure The primary endpoint of the study was the response to liposomal oral iron therapy. Treatment response was defined as patients who achieved a hemoglobin increase of ≥ 1 g/dL and/or hemoglobin normalization by the 8th week of treatment. Results Out of 200 screened patients, 40 (20%) had anemia. Of the 21 patients who completed treatment, 13 (62%) responded to oral liposomal iron replacement therapy (mean increases of hemoglobin from 11.4 to 12.6 g/dL). The transferrin saturation index increased by an average of 10.2 (p = 0.006) and the quality of life by 26.3 (p < 0.0001). There was also a mean reduction of 9.2 in the perception of fatigue (p < 0.0001). Conclusion Treatment with oral liposomal iron is effective in improving mild iron deficiency anemia and quality of life, as well as in decreasing fatigue in patients with inactive or mildly active inflammatory bowel disease.

PMID: 32367457 DOI: 10.1007/s11096-020-01044-x


Carla Valéria de Alvarenga Antunes 1, Cristiano Rodrigo de Alvarenga Nascimento 2, Tarsila Campanha da Rocha Ribeiro 1, Priscila de Alvarenga Antunes 3, Liliana de Andrade Chebli 1, Lidiane Martins Gonçalves Fava 1, Carla Malaguti 1, Julio Maria Fonseca Chebli 4

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