WBCIL: The leading Calcium Citrate Malate supplier in India


WBCIL is one of the leading Calcium Citrate Malate supplier companies in India that offers high-quality compounds that precisely meet the criteria of being effective and efficient.
Why should you trust the purity and reliability of the compounds offered by WBCIL? Reasons are here below:

  • It is one of the world’s major API and Fine Chemical manufacturers in India.
  • A reliable GMP, ISO and HACCP-Certified Company.
  • Provides top-notch quality offerings after thoroughly checking the purity of the products by using the most advanced technology.
  • It has a well-structured and certified manufacturing unit.
  • WBCIL offers the best Calcium Citrate Malate price.

Calcium Citrate Malate supplier and manufacturer: WBCIL

WBCIL supplies high-quality CCM tablets across the globe, which are generally used to treat the deficiency of vitamin D in human bodies. It is a certain type of medical dosage that is often prescribed to restore bone mass. These tablets are usually prescribed to increase plasma calcium levels.

Uses of WBCIL Calcium Citrate Malate

  • Restores or maintains bone mass
  • Treats calcium deficiency in human bodies
  • Reduces the chances of accidental bone breakage
  • Slows down the rate of bone loss in old age
  • Treats different calcium deficiency or bone mass-related health issues such as hypochloremia, osteoporosis, rickets, or achlorhydria.

Side effects of Calcium Citrate Malate tablets

  • Nausea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Unusual weight loss
  • Random mood swings
  • Bone or muscle pain
  • Headache
  • Weakness


It is advised to store the tablets in a dry and cool place while keeping them away from direct sunlight.

Composition of Calcium Citrate Malate tablets

  • Calcium citrate malate 500 mg
  • Calcitriol 0.25mcg
  • Vitamin K2-7 45 mcg
  • Omega 3 marine triglycerides with EPA 90mg
  • DHA 60mg
  • Cyanocobalamin 15mcg
  • Zinc 7.5mg
  • Boron 1.5mg

The use of the mentioned components

  • Calcium Citrate Malate

This component is used to treat bone-related issues and increase bone mass. It is usually prescribed to people who need to restore their bone mass or are going through the stage of bone loss.

  • Calcitriol

This component is used to treat kidney diseases and issues related to parathyroid glands. This component is also used to enhance the strength of bones. The presence of this component makes these tablets more effective and safe for the kidneys compared to other calcium medications.

  • Vitamin K2- 7

WBCIL is a leading Vitamin K2- 7 in the market. This component is usually used to treat cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s, body inflammation, etc.

  • Omega-3 Marine Triglycerides

This component can effectively reduce the chances of stroke and heart attack. Also it is vastly used to treat high blood pressure as well.


  • It is advised to avoid alcohol consumption while consuming these tablets.
  • Do not consume these tablets during pregnancy or the breastfeeding period without a doctor’s consultation.
  • Go for a proper doctor consultation before starting to consume these tablets if you have any kind of liver-related issues.
  • It is advised not to consume tablets without any doctor’s recommendation.

Wrapping Up:

Being the leading Calcium Citrate Malate supplier, WBCIL makes sure to maintain the consistency of quality. The CCM tablets offered by WBCIL meet all the quality checks, which also indicates the efficiency, effectiveness and purity of the tablets.


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