Unlock Optimal Health and Animal Nutrition at WBCIL

Our animal nutrition solutions are developed based on rigorous research and scientific expertise. Elevate Your Animals’ Health with Our Cutting-Edge Nutrition Solutions

Harness the Potential of WBCIL’s Directly Compressible Grade Materials

West Bengal Chemical Industries is the best reliable partner for your DC Grade material needs. Our DC Grade materials adhere to strict quality standards and comply with regulatory requirements.

Unleash the Potential of WBCIL Premium API Solutions

Our API solutions meet the highest industry standards, ensuring safety and efficacy. Backed by rigorous research and development, West Bengal Chemical Industries is the forefront of innovation.

Unlock Optimal Health and Animal Nutrition at WBCIL

Welcome to the best API manufacturer West Bengal Chemical Industries Ltd.

West Bengal Chemical Industries Limited, or WBCIL, is one of the top chemical manufacturing companies in India that provides quality APIs, fine chemical products, specialty mineral salts used in pharmaceutical manufacturing, nutritional supplements, animal food and gardening fertilizers and supplements. As one of the best industrial chemical suppliers in India, WBCIL has 60 years of experience coupled with wonderful flexibility and great innovative qualities. Adapting to the changing needs of the global market, WBCIL’s quality products are designed to accentuate optimum performance in pharmaceutical applications. WBCIL claims to be one of the major pharmaceutical API manufacturers in India with an extensive portfolio that includes Calcium, Magnesium, inter alia Iron, Potassium, and Zinc salts. WBCIL also supplies trace elements like Chromium, Manganese, and Copper alongside Ascorbate, Acetate, Phosphate, Propionate, Citrate, Gluconate, Aspartate, Bisglycinate, Malate, and other anions as well.

API, Fine Chemicals, Chelated Minerals & DC Grade/Premix Manufacturer & Supplier Based in India

WBCIL has become one of the trusted API pharma companies in India through our quality products of APIs or active pharmaceutical ingredients and numerous fine chemicals which are used in the formulation of medical drugs. We have our own range of DC Grades and Premixes, chelated minerals, and other quality pharmaceutical products with the assurance of quality and effectiveness.

West Bengal Chemical Industries Limited

API & Fine Pharmaceutical Companies - Manufacturers in India

West Bengal Chemical Industries Limited is one of the world’s major API and Fine Chemical manufacturer in India and provider of specialty mineral salts for the pharmaceutical.

API / Fine Chemical / Neutraceutical

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) is any combination of substances used in finished drug formulations.

DC Grade / Premix

DC Grade (Direct Compressible) is economical process in which the components of dry powder are compressed without pre-granulation to form a tablet.

Chelated Minerals

Minerals bound to be a chelating agent, which are typically organic compounds or amino acids that help prevent the minerals from interacting with other compounds & enhance faster absorption of the minerals.

Animal Nutrition

Focuses on the dietary nutritional needs of animals, primarily those in agriculture and livestock. Macronutrients provide structural material and energy.

Products Compendium

Upcoming Products

Riboflavin – 5 – Phospahte

Riboflavin – 5 – Phosphate is used in drugs to fix energy metabolism, vitamin deficiency, migraines, and boost the immune system.


A synthetic fat-soluble derivative of vitamin B1, Benfotiamine is used in dietary supplements and drugs for treating nerve damage due to diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and others.

Niacinamide/ Nicotinamide

Niacinamide is used in drugs to act for vitamin B3 deficiency and conditions like pellagra. It is also used for aging skin, acne, diabetes, and even cancer.


Used to prevent vitamin B12 deficiency, Methylcobalamin is also used for diabetes, pernicious anaemia, and other health conditions.


Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate is a vitamin used in drug formulation to treat vitamin B6 deficiency. This biochemical is basically an active form of vitamin B6.

Our Accreditations

As one of the reliable API pharmaceutical companies in India, WBCIL is a registered nationally recognized fine chemical and API manufacturer, with prestigious accreditations with fssai, FICCI, along with authentic certification from ISO, Good Laboratory Practice or GLP, GMP or Good Manufacturing Practice, and TrustSeal by IndiaMART.

WBCIL Clients
WBCIL Clients
WBCIL Clients
WBCIL Clients
WBCIL Clients
WBCIL Clients
WBCIL Clients
Why Choose Us?

WBCIL takes pride in being the patent holder of five innovative products, including Ferric Derisomaltose, Ferric Carboxymaltose, Enclomiphene citrate, TFTD and Ferric Citrate. These patented products demonstrate WBCIL’s commitment to research and development, offering unique solutions in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Clients can trust in the quality, effectiveness, and exclusivity of these patented products from WBCIL.

By offering a wide range of APIs, DC grade and premix, WBCIL caters to the diverse needs of industries such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and nutrition. These minerals play essential roles in various processes and applications, and WBCIL’s product portfolio ensures that clients have access to high-quality and reliable sources of these important chemical elements.

WBCIL recognizes that timely delivery of supplies, maintaining consistent quality from batch to batch, and providing responsive, flexible, and attentive customer support are the keys to achieving total client satisfaction.

West Bengal Chemical Industries acknowledges that ensuring punctual supply delivery, maintaining consistent quality across batches, and offering responsive, adaptable, and attentive customer support are essential for achieving complete client satisfaction.

“WBCIL's current annual production of over 1500 MT of various Chemicals and APIs is expected to increase to 6000 MT by 2023 at its new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Dahej, Gujarat, India.”

Our Mission

Being a fine chemical manufacturers India, WBCIL uses chemistry, perseverance, ingenuity, and cross-pollinating teamwork to come up with effective, high-quality active pharmaceutical ingredients or APIs and other products for pharmaceutical drug formulations, animal feed, and the consumer industry.


Our Vision

Aiming to be one of the best chemical industries in India, WBCIL is committed to innovating, developing, and manufacturing quality-grade Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, which will get formulated into finished drugs helping effective healthcare.

Events Attended

Pharmaconex 2020
17 july 2017   |   Quotes

Egypt International Exhibition Centre (EIEC), Cairo, Egypt | From: 5th – 7th April 2020, Hall No. 01, Stand No. H01

Magherb Pharma Expo 2020
17 july 2017   |   Quotes

International Centre of Conferences (CIC), Algiers, Algeria I From: 10th – 12th November 2020, Hall No. 01, Stand No: A03

iPHEX 2020
17 july 2017   |   Quotes

India Expo Mart Ltd. (IEML), Knowledge Park II, Greater Noida, Delhi – NCR I From: 6th – 8th May 2020, Hall No. 09, Stand No. B03

CPhI India 2020
17 july 2017   |   Quotes

India Expo Mart Ltd. (IEML), Greater Noida, Delhi – NCR I From: 25th – 27th November 2020, Hall No.05, Stand No. H02

CPhI Worldwide 2020
17 july 2017   |   Quotes

Fiera Milano, Milan, Italy I From: 13th – 15th October 2020, Hall No. 22, Stand No. G92

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