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West Bengal Chemical Industries Limited (cGMP, ISO and HACCP certified) is one of the world’s major manufacturers of API over 60 years of Manufacturing Experience combined with an innovative spirit and high flexibility for pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, food and animal nutrition. WBCIL, one of the best pharma companies in India, has manufacturing facilities in Kolkata and Dahej (Gujarat). Expertise of WBCIL includes Injectable Iron API & Liposomal minerals.

WBCIL - API Manufacturing Company
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API manufacturer West Bengal Chemical Industries Ltd.

WBCIL has become one of the trusted API pharma companies in India through our quality products of APIs or active pharmaceutical ingredients and numerous fine chemicals which are used in the formulation of medical drugs.

WBCIL stands out in the pharmaceutical landscape with its comprehensive array of DC Grades, Premixes, and chelated minerals, alongside a suite of premium pharmaceutical offerings. These products are meticulously crafted to meet the evolving demands of the global market, ensuring top-tier quality and efficacy. As a leading entity among pharma companies in India, WBCIL boasts a broad portfolio that encompasses essential pharmaceutical APIs. WBCIL claims to be one of the major pharmaceutical API manufacturers in India with an extensive portfolio that includes Calcium, Magnesium, inter alia Iron, Potassium, and Zinc salts. WBCIL also supplies trace elements like Chromium, Manganese, and Copper alongside Ascorbate, Acetate, Phosphate, Propionate, Citrate, Gluconate, Aspartate, Bisglycinate, Malate, and other anions as well.

WBCIL’s deep-rooted expertise does not just lie in the realm of pharmaceuticals but also extends significantly into the fine chemical industries.

WBCIL Latest Products
Magnesium Pidolate
CAS No: 135701-98-3
Magnesium Pidolate
Sucroferric Oxyhydroxide
CAS No: 1007207-67-2
Sucroferric Oxyhydroxide
CAS No: 31377-05-6
Calcium Pidolate
Magnesium Orotate
CAS No: 34758-62-8
Magnesium Orotate
Metformin HCl
CAS No: 1115-70-4
Metformin HCl
CAS No: 144701-48-4
  • 40+ No. of API Development
  • 10K MT Proposed Capacity per year
  • 30+ Operational Countries
  • 60+ Years of Experience
  • 4K+ No. of Clients
  • 8 No. of Patents

WBCIL Accreditations

As one of the reliable API pharmaceutical companies in India, WBCIL is a registered nationally recognized fine chemical and API manufacturer, with prestigious accreditations with fssai, FICCI, along with authentic certification from ISO, Good Laboratory Practice or GLP, GMP or Good Manufacturing Practice, and TrustSeal by IndiaMART.

Good Laboratory Practice
Trust Seal Indiamart
ISO 9001-2015
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Customized Physical Properties of API Available

Crafting APIs to Perfection with Particle Size Distribution and Redefining Manufacturing Standards with Bulk Density Solutions

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Our Clients
Alkem Laboratories
Navana Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Hochster Pharmaceutical Industries
Devart Lab
Incepta Pharmaceuticals
Indchemie Life Sciences
Jubilant Lifesciences
Tirupati Medical Lifescience
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