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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of company is West Bengal Chemical Industries Ltd?

West Bengal chemical Industry ltd is primarily a renowned & time tested chemical manufacturing Company. WBCIL is specialized in the production of various API, Fine Chemicals, Chelated Minerals & DC Grade/Premix Manufacturer & Supplier Based in India which are essential for pharmaceutical manufacturing, nutritional supplements, and animal nutrition.

What is the history of West Bengal Chemical Industries Ltd?

WBCIL was incorporated in 1962 & having time tested 60 years of experience as one of the major API manufacturer based in India having its modern manufacturing facilities at Kolkata & Dahej(Gujrat).The Company was established with the objective of manufacturing chemicals & allied products. WBCIL obtained Good Laboratory Practice or GLP, GMP or Good Manufacturing Practice, with prestigious accreditations with FSSI, FICCI, along with authentic certification from ISO for its quality management system, which further reinforced its commitment to maintain the high quality standards in the manufacturing process.

What does West Bengal Chemical Industries Limited do?

West Bengal Chemical Industries Limited, or WBCIL is a globally recognized as one of the major chemical manufacturing companies in India that provides quality APIs, fine chemical products, specialty mineral cheletes used in pharmaceutical, nutritional supplements, animal nutrition. WBCIL adapting to the changing needs of the global market, WBCIL’s quality products are designed to accentuate optimum performance in pharmaceutical applications. WBCIL has an extensive portfolio that includes Iron, Magnesium, Copper, Potassium, and Zinc salts, Calcium. WBCIL also supplies trace elements like Chromium, Manganese, and Cobalt. WBCIL is pioneer in Ascorbate, Acetate, Phosphate, Propionate, Citrate, Gluconate, Aspartate, Bisglycinate, Malat and other anions as well. WBCIL also manufactures Liposomal iron. WBCIL is a proud patent holder of Ferric carboxy maltose, zinc acetate, Ferric citrate, magnesium citrate, Ferric derisomaltose, Iron isomaltoside, Sucroferric oxy hydroxide, Enclomiphene citrate & Iron (III) coordination complex having high phosphate binding capacity.

Where is WBCIL located?

WBCIL’s old plant is located at Kolkata, West Bengal and the new facility is located at Dahej Gujrat.

Do you have WHO GMP?

No currently we are having cGMP for both plants. However, we will be having WHO GMP Certification at our new facility in Dahej Gujrat shortly.

What other accreditations do you have?

Apart from local GMP, we are having ISO, FSSAI, HALAL Certificates.

What do you manufacture?

We manufacture mineral salts and chelates like Iron, Zinc, Manganese, Copper, Calcium, Sodium, Potassium and Magnesium, complying pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals and Animal feed applications.

Where do you market these products?

We are a potential manufacturer in the domestic market and we also cater to many eminent international clients.

Do you have DMF for these products?

Yes, we are having DMF for many of these products in CTD format. Also, as per customer requirement, we can construct DMF for specific products.

Do you have patents for any of these products?

We are having patents for Ferric Carboxymaltose, Iron Isomaltoside, Ferric Derisomaltose, Enclomiphene Citrate, Ferric Citrate and patent for an invention entitled Pharmaceutical Acceptable Iron (III) Coordination Complex having high Phosphate Binding Capacity.

I heard you are also API manufacturer? Is it also Eskag Pharma or some other name? What do you make? Do you have P/L and COAs to give me now?

Yes, it is  West Bengal Chemical Industries Limited, a sister concern of Eskag Pharma. WBCIL manufactures  Mineral Salts for Pharmaceutical Formulations, Nutritional Supplements, Food and Animal Feed applications. Yes, We Have Product list of WBCIL. Here you go.

Is your API factory in Kolkata or Delhi? Is it WHO-GMP approved?

Our API factory is Kolkata based. It has affiliations like GMP, ISO and HACCP.

Can I have a price list of your products?

We are unable to share the same on-the-spot since the Price is controlled by various factors. So, it is advisable that we accomplish all the preliminary discussions along with Finalization of MOQ so as to proceed towards making the price offer thereafter. Hope you agree.

What do you mean by Nutraceuticals? Are they food supplements?

Nutraceuticals mean Nutritional supplements/ food supplements having no Therapeutic usage, to be used as Supplements only.

Do you have a separate R&D? Have you researched any new drugs?

Yes, We do. Our R&D is dedicated to Develop a better Drug Delivery system through their continuous Research and Development process.

Can you provide BE (Bio Equivalence) / BA (Bio-Availability) studies in your dossier? Open part of DMF (Drug Master File)?

Note that we do not have Actual BE/ BA as the same calls for Huge cost. Though we can provide with BE Literature. However, the same can be arranged with due diligence and adequate support by the Buyer/client after evaluating the Commercial viability of such a big investment.

Since open part of DMF is an integral part of the Dossier itself, it shall duly be provided.

What types of products does WBCIL offer, and in which therapeutic areas are they prominent?

WBCIL is one of the world’s major manufacturers of mineral chelates and complexes for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical food and animal nutrition. The portfolio includes inter alia Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc and other trace elements having Chelates and complexes as Citrate, Acetate, Ascorbate, Glycinate etc. WBCIL has launched Liposomal minerals and vitamins which ensures the outstanding absorption and devoid of potent side effects.

What sets WBCIL apart as an API pharmaceutical company in India?

WBCIL by dint of its 62 years of manufacturing experience in the field of pharmaceutical and Neutraceutical developed many chelates and encapsulation techniques which ensure higher bioavailability and absorption of the minerals. Worlds latest injectable Iron and phosphate binders are in the portfolio of WBCIL which got patent in India.

How does WBCIL support its claim of being a trusted API pharma company, and what are some recent testimonials?

WBCIL possesses the certification like GMP, GLP, ISO, FSSAI, HACCP which confirm the quality of the products. WBCIL conducts the business with global stalwarts like Pfizer, Square, Incepta, Acme, Navana, EVA Pharma Hochster, GETS and many more.

What information does WBCIL share through its articles and blogs, and how does it contribute to industry knowledge?

WBCIL actively contributes to industry knowledge through articles and blogs. Recent topics include the benefits of using Liposomal Products; Ferric Carboxymaltose as a safe injectable Iron and Ferric citrate as the Phosphate binder. These insights showcase WBCIL’s commitment to sharing valuable information and staying at the forefront of pharmaceutical developments.

What distinguishes West Bengal Chemical Industries Limited (WBCIL) in the pharmaceutical sector?

WBCIL is a distinguished API manufacturer with over 60 years of expertise, specializing in pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and more. Holding cGMP, ISO, and HACCP certifications, WBCIL is recognized for its innovative spirit and flexibility in producing quality Injectable Iron API and Liposomal minerals.

What are some key statistics that highlight WBCIL’s standing in the pharmaceutical industry?

WBCIL boasts 60+ years of manufacturing experience, a proposed capacity of 10,000 MT per year, operations in 30+ countries, a client base of 4,000+, and holds seven patents. These statistics underscore WBCIL’s significant presence and impact in the pharmaceutical domain.

What recent events has WBCIL participated in, showcasing its industry engagement?

WBCIL recently participated in CPhI Worldwide, CPhi India, Asia Pharma Expo, Pharmaconex, Maghreb Pharma etc. demonstrating its commitment to industry events. This engagement reflects WBCIL’s proactive involvement and contribution to the pharmaceutical community.

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