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Potassium Acetate
Product Name

Potassium Acetate

Molecular Formula C2H3O2K
Molecular Weight 98.14 g/mol
CAS No 127-08-2
HSN Code 29152910
CID Code 517044
Shelf Life 3 years - 20°C powder
USP of Products
  • Potassium acetate is considered an environmentally friendly deicer. It is less toxic to plants, aquatic life, and soil compared to other deicing agents.
  • One of its main advantages is that it is less harmful to the environment and less corrosive to infrastructure.
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Description of Potassium Acetate

Potassium Acetate is a potassium salt of acetic acid with the chemical formula CH3CO2K. It is also called Diuretic salt or Potassium ethanoate, or Acetic acid potassium salt. It is an essential macro-mineral and a potassium salt which consists of an equal number of acetate and potassium ions”.

Application of Potassium Acetate

  • Used as an electrolyte replacement in medical treatment of hypokalemia, which is a condition characterized by low potassium levels in the blood. It is also used as deicing.
  • Acts as a flavor enhancer and help to enhance the taste and flavor of certain foods and drinks.
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