Copper Gluconate

Copper Gluconate is added to spices, extracts, flavours in beverages as food additive. It is also used in dietary supplements for treating copper deficiency. To fix deficiency of nutrition in plants, it is added to fertilizer.

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Molecular Formula – C12H22CuO14

Molecular Weight – 453.84 gm/mol

CAS No – 527-09-3

Shelf Life – 36 months

HSN Code –

Packing Size –

Storage Condition – Keep Well Closed, protected against light, dry and at room temperature

Additional Info – 

1. Description Blue to Purple powder.
2. Solubility 0.43gm/100 ml. of water. Insoluble in Isopropyl Alcohol.
3. LOD on Drying NMT 7.5%
4. Cadmium NMT 5.0ppm.
5. Arsenic NMT 3.0ppm.
6. Lead NMT 10.0ppm.
7. Mercury NMT 1.0ppm.
8. Assay (Copper Content) 28.5% w/w- 31.5%w/w.
Category Description
Agrochemical Copper Gluconate Fertilizer deficiency corrector to treat lack of the nutrient.
Supplements It is used in dietary supplements to treat Copper deficiency.
Food Additive Added to spices, extracts, colorings, flavors for human consumption.
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