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Zinc Acetate
Product Name

Zinc Acetate

Molecular Formula C4H6O4Zn
Molecular Weight 183.5 g/mol
CAS No 29152910
HSN Code 29152910
CID Code 11192
Shelf Life 3 years - 20°C powder
USP of Products
  • Zinc acetate is best known for its potential to reduce the duration and severity of cold symptoms when used as a lozenge and is also used as a dietary supplement to address zinc deficiencies.
  • Zinc acetate is used as a food additive, primarily as a flavoring agent. It can enhance the taste and aroma of certain foods and beverages.
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Description of Zinc Acetate

Zinc acetate is a white crystalline powder with molecular formula Zn(CH3COO)2 that is often found in it dehydrate form, meaning it contains two molecules of water in its crystal structure.

Application of Zinc Acetate

  • Used in lozenges and oral supplements to help reduce the severity and duration of common cold symptoms when taken at the onset of illness.
  • Serves as a catalyst or reagent in various chemical reactions, particularly in organic synthesis, to facilitate the formation of specific compounds.
  • In the textile industry, it is used as a mordant in dyeing processes to help fix dyes to fabrics and improve colorfastness.

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