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Zinc Citrate
Product Name

Zinc Citrate

Molecular Formula C12H10O14Zn3
Molecular Weight 574.3 g/mol
CAS No 5990-32-9
HSN Code 29181590
CID Code 11023
Shelf Life 3 years - 20°C powder
USP of Products
  • Zinc is essential for cell growth and division, immune function, enzyme reactions etc.
  • Zinc citrate is used in toothpaste and mouth wash as It helps freshen breath by reducing the impact of odorous compounds produced in our mouth by bacteria.
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Description of Zinc Citrate

Zinc citrate is a salt composed of zinc and citric acid. Its chemical formula is typically represented as Zn3(C6H507).

Application of Zinc Citrate

  • Used as an ingredient in multivitamin and mineral supplements to provide a bioavailable source of zinc.
  • Supports immune function and promote healthy skin
  • To inhibit dental plaque
  • Used in toothpastes & mouthwash due to its antimicrobial property.
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