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Boron Glycinate
Boron Glycinate
Product Name

Boron Glycinate

Molecular Formula C6H12BN3O6
Molecular Weight 232.99 g/mol
CAS No 7440-42-8
HSN Code 29224990
CID Code 10236143
Shelf Life 3 years - 20°C powder
USP of Products
  • Boron Glycinate has potential advantages in cognitive well-being especially in elderly.
  • Boron Glycinate is involved in promoting a balanced inflammatory reaction.
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Description of Boron Glycinate

Boron Glycinate is a relatively new entrant in Boron supplements. Despite its recent introduction to the market, this form of Boron has quickly gained popularity among health-conscious consumers. The reason for its rapid rise in popularity is its high bioavailability – the ease with which it can be absorbed and utilized by the body. Boron Glycinate is preferred due to its potential advantages in cognitive well-being as well as its involvement in promoting a balanced inflammatory reaction.

Application of Boron Glycinate

  • Mineral Metabolism: Aids in the metabolism of important minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus, essential for maintaining bone health.
  • Hormonal Balance: Influences the levels of sex hormones, including estrogen and testosterone, which can be beneficial for overall hormonal health.
  • Cognitive Function: Potentially improves brain function and cognitive processes, although more research is needed in this area.
  • Muscle Health: Used in supplements aimed at supporting muscle strength and development, which can be beneficial for athletes and the elderly.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Its anti-inflammatory effects can be beneficial in managing inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Wound Healing: May support the healing process due to its role in cell growth and repair.
  • Immune System Support: Boron is believed to play a role in enhancing the function of the immune system.
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