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Ferrous Bisglycinate
  • Product Name:

    Ferrous Bisglycinate

  • Molecular Formula:
  • Molecular Weight:
    203.96 g/mol
  • CAS No.:
  • HSN Code:
  • CID Code:
  • Shelf Life:
    3 years - 20°C powder
  • DrugBank ID
  • Chem Spider ID
  • UNII No.

USP of Ferrous Bisglycinate

  1. Ferrous bisglycinate have better patient compliance because of fewer gastrointestinal tract side effects.
  2. It improves iron absorption, storage and increase hemoglobin level better than the conventionally used iron salts.

IUPAC Names of Ferrous Bisglycinate


Synonyms of Ferrous Bisglycinate

  • Ferrous Bisglycinate
  • Iron glycinate
  • iron trisglycinate
  • 2-aminoacetate;iron(2+)
  • Iron Bis-glycinate
  • Iron(II) glycinate
  • Ferrousbisglycinate
  • Iron, bis(glycinato-kappaN,kappaO)-
  • Ferrous Glycinate
  • Bis(glycinato)iron
  • Iron bis-glycinate chelate
  • lambda2-iron(2+) ion bis(2-aminoacetate)
  • bis(glycinato-.kappa.n,.kappa.o)iron

MSDS of Ferrous Bisglycinate

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Hazards Identification
  • APPEARANCE: Free flowing, light to dark greenish powder with occasional friable lumps.
  • CAUTION: None
  • POTENTIAL HEALTH EFFECT (EYE, SKIN & INHALATION): Slightly hazardous in case of skin contact (irritant), of eye contact (irritant), of ingestion, of inhalation
  • CHRONIC EXPOSURE: No known significant effects or critical hazards
First Aid Measures
  • INHALATION: Move exposed person to fresh air. If not breathing, seek immediate medical attention. If breathing is irregular or if respiratory arrest occurs, provide artificial respiration or oxygen by trained personnel and seek medical attention.
  • INGESTION: Vomiting caused by local irritant and astringent action of ionic Ferrous on stomach and bowel. IF SWALLOWED and victim is CONSCIOUS, have victim drink water or milk or induce vomiting.
  • SKIN CONTACT: Irritant, wash with soap and water. Cover the irritating skin with an emollient. Get medical attention if irritation develops. Cold water may be used.
  • EYE CONTACT: Conjunctivitis and edema of eyelids. Hold eyelids open and flush with plenty of water. Cold water may be used. Get medical attention if irritation occurs.
Exposure Controls / Personal Protection
  • ENGINEERING CONTROLS: Use process enclosures, local exhaust ventilation, or other engineering controls to keep airborne levels below recommended exposure limits. If user operations generate dust, fume or mist, use ventilation to keep exposure to airborne Contaminants below the exposure limit.
  • PERSONAL PROTECTION: Safety glasses, Lab Coat, Dust respirator, be sure to use an approved / certified respirator or equivalent, Gloves.
  • PERSONAL PROTECTION IN CASE OF A LARGE SPILL: Splash goggles. Full suit. Dust respirator. Boots. Gloves. A self-contained breathing apparatus should be used to avoid inhalation of the product. Suggested protective clothing might not be sufficient; consult a specialist BEFORE handling this product.
  • EXPOSURE LIMITS: Consult local authorities for acceptable exposure limits.
Physical and Chemical Properties
  • Appearance form: Free flowing, light to dark greenish powder, with occasional friable lumps, very hygroscopic.
  • Color: Light to dark greenish.
  • Odour: Odorless
  • Solubility: Soluble in water.
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Description of Ferrous Bisglycinate

Ferrous bisglycinate is a chelated iron compound where two glycine molecules, the simplest amino acid, bind to a central ferrous iron (Fe2+) ion. This chelation occurs through coordination bonds between the lone electron pairs on the nitrogen and oxygen atoms of glycine and the vacant d-orbitals of the iron ion. This complexation masks the ferrous iron from interacting with other molecules, enhancing its solubility and stability in the digestive tract. This chelated structure is crucial for ferrous bisglycinate’s superior bioavailability compared to inorganic iron salts, as it facilitates iron absorption through the intestinal epithelium via a carrier-mediated mechanism. West Bengal Chemical is now the proud patent holder of Ferrous Bisglycinate.

Application of Ferrous Bisglycinate

  • Treatment of Iron-Deficiency Anemia
  • Iron Supplementation During Pregnancy
  • Pediatric Iron Supplementation
  • Patients with Gastrointestinal Disorder

Medical uses/benefits of Ferrous Bisglycinate

  • Treatment in Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD): Ferrous bisglycinate is beneficial in various medical issues as its chelated form. It is less likely to react with the inflamed gastrointestinal lining and ensure better absorption and fewer side effects. Patients with IBD often suffer from iron deficiency due to chronic inflammation and impaired iron absorption.
  • Improvement in Hemoglobin Levels: Regular supplementation can effectively raise hemoglobin levels, alleviating symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, and pallor associated with anemia.
  • Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD): Ferrous bisglycinate is also used in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) who are non-dialysis dependent.
  • Non-Dialysis Dependent CKD: Patients with CKD often develop anemia due to reduced erythropoietin production and iron deficiency. It helps manage this anemia by improving iron stores and supporting red blood cell production.
  • Reduced Gastrointestinal Side Effects: Traditional iron supplements often cause side effects such as nausea, constipation, and abdominal pain. Ferrous bisglycinate is better tolerated, making it easier for patients to adhere to their supplementation regimen.
  • This iron chelate allows for superior absorption of iron in the gastrointestinal tract compared to other iron supplements.
  • High Bioavailability: The chelated nature of this API ensures that iron is efficiently absorbed by the intestinal lining. It also reduces the amount of unabsorbed iron that can cause gastrointestinal discomfort.
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Dosages of Ferrous Bisglyciate (capsules)

Adults (General) and pregnant woman :30 to 60 mg of elemental iron per day

Children (Ages 4-13): 20 to 40 mg of elemental iron per day

Athletes: 20 to 30 mg of elemental iron per day

Side effects:

Ferrous Bisglycinate may cause various side effects if not taken as advised. Here are the key side effects:

  • Constipation
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach Pain
  • Vomiting
  • Dark Stools
  • Metallic Taste
Frequently Asked Questions on: Ferrous Bisglycinate
Who is the manufacturer of ferrous Bisglycinate in India?

Surpassing competitors, West Bengal Chemical Industries Limited reigns supreme as India’s leading manufacturer of high-quality ferrous bisglycinate.

What is the raw material of ferrous Bisglycinate?

The raw materials used in the production of ferrous bisglycinate are iron and glycine. Specifically, ferrous bisglycinate is a chelated form of iron, where iron is bound to the amino acid glycine. This chelation helps enhance the absorption and bioavailability of iron in the body.

How is ferrous Bisglycinate made?

Ferrous bisglycinate is crafted through a chemical reaction between ferrous iron (Fe+2) and the amino acid glycine (H2NCH2COOH). This process, known as chelation, involves ferrous iron bonding with two glycine molecules. Typically, it’s achieved in a controlled aqueous environment with precise temperature and concentration parameters. The resulting compound is a stable and well-absorbed form of iron, making it a valuable dietary supplement.

What is ferrous Bisglycinate specification?

Ferrous bisglycinate offers better patient compliance due to fewer gastrointestinal side effects. It enhances iron absorption, improves iron storage, and increases hemoglobin levels more effectively than traditional iron salts.

Which form of ferrous Bisglycinate is best?

The best form of ferrous bisglycinate can depend on individual needs and preferences, but some commonly recommended forms include: Capsules, Tablets, Powder, Liquid and Gummies.

Is ferrous Bisglycinate good?

Yes, ferrous bisglycinate is considered a good form of iron supplement for several reasons:

  • Enhanced Absorption
  • Fewer Gastrointestinal Side Effects
  • Better Tolerance
  • Effective at Increasing Hemoglobin Levels
  • Convenience
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