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Ferric Orthophosphate
Product Name

Ferric Orthophosphate

Molecular Formula FePO4
Molecular Weight 150.82 g/mol
CAS No 10045-86-0
HSN Code 28352990
CID Code 24861
Shelf Life 3 years - 20°C powder
USP of Products

Ferric orthophosphate is used to kill snails and slugs that would otherwise destroy crops.

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Description of Ferric Orthophosphate

Ferric orthophosphate, also known as iron phosphate or ferric phosphate, is an inorganic phosphate having iron in its +3 oxidation state (ferric) and phosphate ions bound together.

Application of Ferric Orthophosphate

  • Iron supplements and medications for the treatment of iron-deficiency
  • Used in water treatment processes to remove contaminants, particularly heavy metals like lead and arsenic
  • Colorant in ceramics and glass production
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