Ferric Ammonium Citrate

Ferric Ammonium Citrate

Ferric Ammonium Citrate is available as IP/BP/USP/BPC (green) grade & 28% Iron. It is also used as a food ingredient, acid regulator, to treat anemia (free from astringent & irritant properties), firefighting materials. FAC is also used in agriculture. Injectable grade is also available for veterinary industry. We are the largest exporter of FAC worldwide.

Ferric Ammonium Citrate Manufacturer

It is a solid made of ammonia that can be yellowish brown or red and come in powder form. It is made of variable composition of ammonia, iron and citric acid, and this compound is very soluble in water. If consumed, this compound can be dissolved in water without the help of stomach acids. It is a great source of iron used in the medical industry to maintain oxygen flow throughout the body and influence the production of red blood cells. This is also necessary for growth and human development. WBCI is one of the most reliable Pharmaceutical API Manufacturers In India offer a compound that can precisely meet all the industrial bars.

As one of the leading API Pharma companies in India, WBCIL offers quality Ferric ammonium citrate for pharmaceutical uses.


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Molecular Formula – C6H5+4yFexNyO7

Molecular Weight – Variable

CAS No – 1185-57-5

Shelf Life –  36 months

HSN Code – 2918.1550

Packing Size – 25 kg in HDPE bag/drum

Storage advice- According to the API Pharma companies, the compound should be stored in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated space. Also, the compound should be kept far from other incompatible compounds to avoid any kind of reaction. API Pharma companies also advise to keep the container close when not in use to avoid dust contamination.

Additional Info – 1. Available in IP/BP/USP/BPC (green) & 28%

2. Spray dried homogeneous powder

3. DMF available, other documentations ready & available

1. Description Thin, transparent, dark red scales or granules or brownish red powder, odourless, deliquescent in moist air and affected by light.
2. Solubility Soluble in water, almost insoluble in 95% ethanol.
3. Identification Positive for Iron, Ammonia & Citrates.
4. Arsenic NMT4.0ppm.
5. Lead NMT 30.0ppm.
6. Zinc NMT 50.0ppm.
7. Free Ferric Compound No blue precipitate appears with potassium ferrocyanide solution.
8. Chloride NMT 0.25% w/w.
9. Sulphate NMT 0.3% w/w.
10. Assay 20.5% w/w – 22.5% w/w.
Category Description
Therapeutic Uses Source of Iron in treating Iron-deficiency Anemia. It is free from astringent & irritant properties.
VET (Veterinary)
  • It is used in prevention & treatment of anemia in animals (Rats & Chicks).
  • Counteracts oral poisonous effects of gossypol (in cottonseed meal) in poultry trials.
  • It is used in wide variety of oral and parenteral hematinics.
  • Significant Antidotic action on acute poisoning of rats by Bancol.
Food Additive Flavouring Agents. Includes spices, extracts, colorings, flavors, etc added to food for human consumption.
Agriculture Relating to agricultural, including the raising and farming of animals and growing of crops
Chemical Lab Modifier used for chemical, when chemical is used in a laboratory
Colorant Term used for colorants, dyes, or pigments; includes colorants for drugs, textiles, personal care products (cosmetics, tatoo inks, hair dye), food colorants, and inks for printing.
Dietary Supplement Pharmaceutical Releted.
Fishing Related to the activity of fishing
Food Contact Includes food packaging, paper plates, cutlery, small appliances such as roasters, etc.
Forestry Related to forestry
Hunting Related to the activity of hunting
Fire Fighting If material involved in fire: Extinguish fire using agent suitable for type of surrounding fire.
(Material itself does not burn or burns with difficulty.)
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