Ferric Orthophosphate

Ferric Orthophosphate also known as Iron Orthophosphate & is the only iron salt white in colour. Widely accepted by the food industry as nutritional supplement to treat iron deficiency. Also widely used as fire extinguisher & as snail bait (pesticide).

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Molecular Formula – FeO4P

Molecular Weight –  150.81 gm/mol

CAS No – 10045-86-0

Shelf Life – 36 months

HSN Code – 2835.2690

Packing Size – 25 kg in HDPE bag/drum

Storage Condition – Keep Well Closed, protected against light, dry and at room temperature

Additional Info – 1. Other name of Iron Phosphate & available as FCC grade

2. Well accepted as nutrictional supplements in food industry

3. Well ccepted as harmless pesticides (snail bait)

1. Description Yellow white to buff colour, odorless powder.
2. Solubility Insoluble in water and in acetic acid. Soluble in mineral acids.
3. Identification Complies FCC Monograph.
4. Loss on Ignition(at 800°C for 1 hour) NMT 32.5% w/w.
5. Arsenic NMT 3.0ppm.
6. Lead NMT10.0ppm.
7. Fluoride NMT 50.0ppm.
8. Mercury NMT 3.0ppm.
9. Assay (as Fe) (as is basis) 26.0% w/w – 32.0% w/w
Category Description
Consumer Use Cleaning/Washing products may be for industrial or consumer use.
Flame Retardant Fire prevention materials, or additives/coatings to prevent flammability in paints, textiles, plastics, etc.
Fluid Property Modulator Includes antifoaming agents, coagulating agents, dispersion agents, emulsifiers, flotation agents, foaming agents, viscosity adjustors, etc
Food Contact Includes food packaging, paper plates, cutlery, small appliances such as roasters, etc.; does not include facilities that manufacture food
Food Additives Includes spices, extracts, colorings, flavors, etc added to food for human consumption.
Industry Manufacturing Ferric Orthophosphate is used in wood preservatives.
Metal Manufacturing Manufacturing of metals, casting of metals, production of metals, surface treatment of metals, etc.
Pesticide, Biocide Substances used for preventing, destroying or mitigating pests. Chemical which can deter, destroy, or control a harmful organism by chemical or biological means (type of pesticide)
Molluscicide (Pesticides) Type of pesticide to treat molluscs.
Pesticide Preservatives Includes preservatives used in cosmetics, film, wood preserving agents, foods, etc.
Surface Treatment Surface treatments for metals, hardening agents, corrosion inhibitors, polishing agents, rust inhibitors, water repellants, etc
Hyperfine interactions in an oxonium ferric orthophosphate

Abstract Mössbauer and structure data of Fe3H15(PO4)8·5H2O are discussed in detail. The small quadrupole interaction in this orthophosphate can be compared with a series of related compounds by use of a point charge model. The quadrupole splitting undergoes a relaxation...

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Iron fortification of flour with a complex ferric orthophosphate

The unexpectedly low bioavailability in humans of elemental iron powder prompted us to search for other Fe compounds suitable for Fe fortification of flour that fulfill the two requirements of insolubility in water (due to high water content of flour)...

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