Ferric Pyrophosphate

Ferric pyrophosphate is a novel iron replacement product used to treat patients with iron deficiency, especially those with chronic kidney disease and pregnant ladies. This compound has a milder gastrointestinal effect than any other iron supplements formulas. Ferric pyrophosphate is a great supplier of free iron. The molecule can be available as soluble, insoluble & food grade. It can also be found in spices, extracts, colorings, flavours, etc., and can be used in both pharmaceutical & food industries.

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Molecular Formula – Fe4(P2O7)3
Molecular Weight – 745.21 gm/mol
CAS No – 10058-44-3
Shelf Life – 36 months
HSN Code – 2835.3900
Packing Size – 20 kg in HDPE bag/drum
Storage Condition – Should be kept in a well-closed place, away from light, dry, and at room temperature.
Additional Info

  1. Available as soluble & insoluble grade (FCC)
  2. Very suitable for pharmaceutical/food
  3. Well-accepted as harmless pesticides (snail bait)

Features – A pale yellow to a greyish yellow fine powder.
Solubility – Insoluble in water, soluble in mineral acids.
Identification – Positive for Iron and Phosphates.
LOD (at 105°C to constant weight) – NMT 20.0% w/w
Loss on Ignition (at 800°C for 2 hours) – NLT 20.0% w/w
Arsenic – NMT 3.0 ppm
Heavy Metals (as Lead) – NMT 10.0 ppm
Assay For Iron (On Dried Basis) – 20.0% w/w – 26.0% w/w

Drugs : Ferric pyrophosphate is widely used as an iron replacement product used to treat patients with iron deficiency.
Used to produce pharmaceutical drugs for animals and pets.

Agricultural : Ferric pyrophosphate is known for its use in agricultural industries for raising and farming animals and growing crops.

Food Additives : It can also be used in fortification of rice and other food products, and other igredie, es, extracts, colorings, flavours, etc.

Food Contact : Due to its complex structure, it is also being used for food packaging, paper plates, cutlery, small appliances such as roasters, etc.

Therapeutic Uses : It has been used in anemias of piglets, cats and dogs.

Consumer Use : In many cleaning and washing products, Ferric pyrophosphate is used for consumer purposes.

Flame Retardant : Ferric pyrophosphate has excellent fire prevention properties that can prevent flammability in paints, textiles, plastics, etc., and is used to surpass forest fires.

Pesticide : It is an excellent pesticide to kill pests and other insects.

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