Iron Isomaltoside

Iron Isomaltoside, also known as Ferric Isomaltoside or MonoFer, is a dark reddish brown powder containing 24% iron (III) commonly used to treat patients with iron deficiency anemia. Its scientific molecular formula is C18H34FeO16, and its molecular weight is 235 g/mole. Iron Isomaltoside comprises iron and a carbohydrate moiety and is bonded in a matrix structure. It is unassociated with hypophosphatemia, has less insusceptible potential and less potential to let out labile iron. Because of its complex structure, iron Isomaltoside can usually be given in high doses, with a maximum single dose of 20 mg/kg body weight. Iron Isomaltoside can easily dissolve in water and is usually taken as tablets or as a sterile injection. It is very effective to treat IDA as an anti-anemic medication.

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Chemical name – Iron (III) hydroxide isomaltoside 1000.
Synonym – iron isomaltoside, iron isomaltooligosaccharide, iron oligosaccharide, iron isomaltopentaoside, ferric derisomaltose, or MonoFer.
Molecular Formula – C18H34FeO16
Molecular Weight – 235 g/mole
CAS No – 1370654-58-2
Shelf Life – 36 months
Storage Condition – Keep well closed, protected against light, dry, and at room temperature.
Packing Size – 20 kg in sterile HDPE drum
HSN Code – 2821.1010
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Features – Deep brown coloured free-flowing powder.
Solubility – Soluble in water.
Identification – Positive for Iron and Carbohydrates.
pH (of 5% w/v aqueous suspension) – 5.50 – 8.00
Loss on Drying (at 105°C for 4 hr) – NMT 8.00% w/w.
Arsenic – NMT 3.0ppm.
Heavy Metals (as Lead) – NMT 10.0ppm.
Chloride (On Dried Basis) – NMT 6.0%w/w.
Carbohydrates (Isomaltoside)(On Dried Basis) – NLT 25.0%w/w.
Assay For Elemental Iron (On Dried Basis) – NLT 25.0% w/w.
Total Microbial Count – NMT 100 cfu/g.
Total Combined Yeasts & Mould – NMT 10 cfu/g.
E. Coli – Absent/gm.
Salmonella – Absent/10gm.

Drug Uses: Iron Isomaltoside usually works as an active ingredient in human drugs to treat IDA or ID patients.
Ferric derisomaltose injection is an iron replacement used to treat people having iron deficiency anemia (not enough iron in the blood) who have non-dialysis-dependent chronic kidney disease (CKD).
It is also advised for patients who take iron supplements.

Medication Uses : Iron Isomaltoside works as Hematinics (Agents that improve the quality of the blood in the human body and increase the hemoglobin level and the number of erythrocytes.)
Iron Isomaltoside helps supply oxygen to blood cells.

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