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Calcium D-Saccharate
Product Name

Calcium D-Saccharate

Molecular Formula C6H8CaO8.4H2O
Molecular Weight 248.2 g/mol
CAS No 5793-89-5
HSN Code 29181990
CID Code 22036
Shelf Life 3 years - 20°C powder
USP of Products
  • Calcium D-Saccharate is given along with calcium gluconate injection.
  • Calcium D-saccharate has been investigated for its potential role in detoxification, particularly in aiding the body’s ability to eliminate heavy metals.
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Description of Calcium D-Saccharate

Calcium D-Saccharate is a chemical compound formed by combining calcium and D-Saccharic acid. The term D-saccharate refers to a sugar acid, specifically saccharic acid in its D-isomer form. Saccharic acid is a derivative of glucose.

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