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Calcium Orotate
Product Name

Calcium Orotate

Molecular Formula C10H6CaN4O8
Molecular Weight 350.25 g/mol
CAS No 22454-86-0
HSN Code 29335990
CID Code 89722
Shelf Life 3 years - 20°C powder
Pharmaceutical Grade Non-Pharmacopeial
USP of Products
  • Calcium orotate provides highest absorbable calcium in low calcium content.
  • As a carrier orotic acid helps calcium cross cell membranes more effectively compared to other forms of calcium supplements.
  • Inhibits the growth of cancer cells in vitro and in vivo
  • Provides highest absorbable calcium in low calcium content
  • Helps calcium cross cell membranes more effectively compared to other forms of calcium supplements
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Description of Calcium Orotate

Calcium Orotate is a calcium salt of orotic acid and it’s chemical formula is Ca(C5H3N2O4)2, indicating the combination of calcium (Ca2+) ions with two molecules of orotic acid. Calcium orotate is  a dietary supplement that provides both calcium and orotic acid.

Calcium orotate has superior bioavailability compared to other calcium supplements. The unique structure of orotate might facilitate better absorption. Calcium is a vital component for maintaining strong and healthy bones. Orotic acid is known for its involvement in the synthesis of RNA and DNA, contributing to cellular energy production. By combining calcium with orotic acid, this supplement provides additional support for cellular functions throughout the body. Unlike some calcium supplements that cause digestive discomfort, Calcium Orotate is designed to be gentle on the stomach, making it suitable for individuals with sensitive digestive systems.

Application of Calcium Orotate

  • Used to prevent or treat low blood calcium levels in individuals with inadequate dietary calcium intake.
  • Treats conditions caused by low calcium levels, including osteoporosis, osteomalacia, hypoparathyroidism, and latent tetany.
  • Ensures sufficient calcium intake in specific groups, such as pregnant or nursing women and those on certain medications like phenytoin, phenobarbital, or prednisone.
  • Chemical Profile: Calcium orotate is a mineral salt form of orotic acid and calcium, known for superior bioavailability compared to other calcium salts.
  • Bone Health: As per WebMD, calcium orotate extensively used in supplements for bone health, it aids in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis by enhancing bone density.
  • Dental Applications: Shows promise in dental health, potentially aiding in the repair and maintenance of tooth enamel and supporting jawbone density.
  • Cardiovascular Health: Some studies suggest it may support cardiovascular health by facilitating the smooth transport of calcium into heart and blood vessel walls.
  • Muscle and Nerve Function: Plays a crucial role in muscle contraction and nerve signalling, essential for overall muscle health and neurological function.
  • Mood Regulation: Research indicates potential benefits in mood regulation, with calcium orotate being studied for its effects on depression and anxiety.
  • Safety Profile: Generally considered safe when used as directed, though it’s important to adhere to recommended dosages to avoid possible side effects like hypercalcemia.
  • Regulatory Status: Regulatory considerations vary by country, with calcium orotate included in dietary supplements and subject to health supplement regulations.

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