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Calcium Ascorbate
Product Name

Calcium Ascorbate

Molecular Formula C12H18CaO14
Molecular Weight 426.34 g/mol
CAS No 5743-27-1
HSN Code 29362700
CID Code 54682536
Shelf Life 3 years - 20°C powder
USP of Products
  • Calcium ascorbate is a natural preservative that is safer than conventional chemicals used for food preservation.
  • Calcium ascorbate is the most alkaline(buffered) vitamin C and is helpful for individuals bothered by more acidic forms of Vitamin C or people desiring calcium boost  from their Vitamin C.
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Description of Calcium Ascorbate

Calcium ascorbate is a compound with the molecular formula C12H18CaO14. It is a calcium salt of ascorbic acid, one of the ascorbate minerals. About 10% of the mass is calcium.

Application of Calcium Ascorbate

  • Used as a Vitamin C Supplement
  • Fortified Beverages
  • Fortification
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